FOLD EASY Single Width Mobile Scaffold

Tough, High Quality, Full 12 Month Warranty*
We have been selling the Fold Easy for over 5 years and not one unit has ever been returned for replacement.
Super Fast and Safe to Setup, the base unit folds up to frame that is 2M x 400mm x 850mm for easy transport.
Simply unfold the frame, add the working platform, add 2 horizontal poles and your ready to go.
Work using the units lowest platform heights from 250mm to 500mm with a 1m safety zone above the working platform
Add the 1M safety frame to extend the working platform from 1M to 2M.
The platform is fully adjustable from 250mm to 2m in 250mm height increments.

It really is the easiest mobile scaffold available to setup which is how it got its name; The Fold Easy Mobile Scaffold.

Fold Easy Single Scaffold Tower – Increase the height

Simply add 1M extensions to increase the working platform to a 3M, 4M or 5M tower
The platform can be set at any 250mm height so the work platform meets your working height requirement.

Check out the video to see just how easy the fold easy really is!.

Fold Easy, Single Width, Mobile Scaffold

The Fold Easy is 1.7m Long and 850mm wide when the base unit is setup.
Overall Base Unit Height is 2m without the 1M safety frame or 3m with the 1m safety frame attached.
It is 400mm wide when folded up for transport.
The mobile scaffold has built in anti slip climbing rails on both sides.
All scaffold platforms are marine grade quality and are anti-slip and have a entry hatch.
The unit has 4 x Adjustable legs so you can level the scaffold out on uneven ground and 4 x 500kg Casters with a duel step down brake solution.
The Fold Easy is one solid Alloy Mobile Scaffold.
The Fold Easy meets and exceeds the AUS/NZ Safety standards and is fully compliant.

HIRE THE FOLD EASY Mobile Scaffold

Mobile Scaffold Hire is available. Hire from any Hirepool Branch in New Zealand

Or you can purchase this scaffold on account if you are a construction company using a P O Number and by setting up an account.
General Retail Purchases can be done by direct contact and deposit to our company bank account.
We can deliver anywhere in New Zealand.

Call 0277392737 if you have any questions or enquires

Fold Easy Base Unit 2M Mobile Scaffold

Setup a 2M Mobile Scaffold Work Platform.
It is the easiest solution to put together which takes just a few minutes.

Step 1. Setup the Mobile Scaffold Base Unit;
Use the following to setup
1 x 2M base frame.
1 x 1.7m base frame stabilization pole.
4 x 1.7m Guardrail poles.
1 x 1.7 marine grade platform with hatch.
2 x 1m safety frames.
4 x Adjustable legs.
4 x 500kg Casters with duel brake solution.

No Stabilizers are required at this level
Setup tip. If you are going to build a full 5m tower then use only the 1m extension side frames to complete the tower using these frames to make the very top safety frame.
This way you will not have to remove the safety frame every time you extend the scaffold higher. Use the safety frame section only if you will be using the setup at the setup height.
This makes building the tower a lot easier.

Fold Easy - Extend the Scaffold - Create a 3M Platform

Setup a 3M Mobile Scaffold Work Platform.
Additional Components Required
4 x 1M Extension Frames.
1 x 1.7 marine grade platform with hatch.
You are required to obtain a second platform and use the first platform to assist placing the second platform at the required height.
2 x 1.7 diagonal braces. These lock in the 1M extension frame to the base unit.
4 Horizontal handrail poles. You need additional hand rail poles which need to be placed above the first platform for safety.
Note: the other 4 horizontal safety rail poles go above the second platform and act as a safety guardrail.
Add 2 x Stabilizers
DO NOT use the 2 x Safety Frames if you intend to extend the scaffold higher for the job you are doing.
Use the two additional extension frames as your safety guardrail frame.

Step 2. Simply add the following components to the setup base unit;

Simply take the 1M extension frame and join this to the other 1m extension frame and do the same with the other side.
you will now have 2 x 2m sections.
Place one frame onto the base unit on one end and do the same with the frame on the other end.
Add the first platform. Set this at 1m or a little higher to suit your own height so your able to place the second platform at 3m.

Lock the brakes, and then add the 2 stabilizers to ensure the scaffold is stable.
add 1 x diagonal pole connecting the first 1m extension to the frame on an angle and do the same for the other side. refer to the picture.
Add the horizontal poles above the first platform at 500mm and 1M above the first platform to create a safety zone.
Lean the second platform against the scaffold and clime through the hatch and lift the second platform to the required height and then add the 4 horizontal poles to the top 1m frame to create the safety guardrail section.

Again add two diagonal braces to secure the first 1m extension frame to the top 1M extension frame. refer to the picture again.
that’s it.


Fold Easy - Extend the Scaffold - Create a 4M Platform

Setup a 4M Mobile Scaffold Work Platform with a 1M Safety Guardrail
Components Required

STEP 3. The 4M Tower 
Remove the 4 horizontal poles at the lowest point.
Raise the lowest platform to 2m
Add the horizontal poles to sit 500mm and 1m above the 2m platform

Climb back up to the top of the scaffold
Add the 1m safety frame to one side and the 1m safety frame to the other side.

Move 2 of the top top safety rails to the very top of the scaffold and the other 2 to 500mm below the top of the scaffold.
Climb back down through the hatch and move the top platform to the 4m point.

Fold Easy, Mobile Scaffold, Folding Base Frame

Fold Easy, Mobile Scaffold, 1m Platform

Fold Easy, Mobile Scaffold, Side View

Fold Easy, Mobile Scaffold, with safety frame

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